Club Racing

Club Racing is the backbone of the SCCA with a program for almost everyone. Club Racing offers the opportunity to experience the excitement by climbing into a race car and competing against other amateur drivers or working on a corner within inches of all the action.

Amateur Club Racers begin their racing careers by participating in two Driving Schools. Successful completion of two schools means the amateur driver is eligible to compete in Regional races. There are over 2,000 SCCA members who hold regional competition licenses and who usually only compete at races in their own area of the country. After six Regional events, the SCCA Club Racer is ready for National competition.

Each year the SCCA regions put on approximately 65 National races throughout the country. National events, culminating with the SCCA Runoffs, are the most prestigious within Club Racing. Many National races are spectator events and the Club Racers have the opportunity to put on a show in front of crowds of people. National club races are only one step below SCCA's Pro Pacing Series, and many of the Pro drivers in SCCA series, as well as other series, came out of the SCCA Club ranks.

Among the largest Club Racing events held each year are the June SprintsŪ at Road America, the Rose Cup at Portland, the Winter Nationals in Florida and the Double National at Pocono. The biggest event in Club Racing each year is the SCCA Runoffs.

Minors (anyone age 19 and under) - You must have a waiver in order to participate in Solo, Rallycross and Race Events. This waiver must be printed in color, and must be either notorized or signed in the presence of an SCCA Member. Get it HERE***

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01/31/19 - 11/28/19 | DEN

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